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Cautious Maiden (The Everstone Chronicles) - Dawn Crandall

Story sounded interesting. Starts out with Violet and she's lost both her parents in the course of a year and her brother is in charge of the house.
He's turned it not only into an inn but a brothel. She is able to work but things become misunderstood so often she finds her reputation is damaged.
Vance comes to her rescue but she knows she will wed the minister and move to TN. Things get crazy and a lot of plans are waylaid. Great story with a paragraph from other quoted novels at the beginning of each chapter.
Just a handful of characters so it's easy to keep track of them. Loved all the different locations as I am familiar with some. Liked the timeframe of the story and the fashion and how the Bible sways Vance into learning more about the religion.
I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.