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The Carousel by Richard Paul Evans (2013-03-23) - Richard Paul Evans

The carousel by Richard Paul Evans
When I learned there was a prior book in this series I read that one first-The Locket.
Have liked carousels and have gone on at least one as an adult. I don't recall my younger days as I was blind and most of my adult life as well. After eye surgeries I got some vision back and was amazed to see the brightly colored lights, twinkling and they remind me of stars that I can now see also.
In RI we've had many amusement parks with the carousels and I've read stories about the horses and always find it fascinating to learn how they were built, out of what materials and why and where they are today.
This book is about the love story of Faye and Michael.  Chapters of Michael and his return to work and college. Faye has traveled east to attend college there as they each have a secret from others...
So much loss and love as the circle forms
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).