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Eden Hill - Bill Higgs

What I liked about this book was before I even got it the summary led me to believe the older established gas station owner would be helping out the new one. I do a lot of charity work and often am asked about a knitting pattern I developed and I post it to share with others.
Whether they use it for personal gain or to make charity items is up to them. Nobody pays me for the patterns and I don't mind sharing.
Book starts out with Virgil, the owner of the gas station/auto repair center and his family: wife and teen son.  She's at odds with her upcoming 40th birthday and believes the things in ladies magazines about her love life.
He's worked his whole life to provide for them to learn the lot next door was sold for a new gas station/convenience store to a young couple who put a pink mobile home on the lot while construction is underway. He's up to his head with debt after getting loans for their dreams. She delivers a baby...
Other people in the community are followed as well-really rounding out the whole community. The pastor and all the work he does every everybody, makes sure events run smoothly while writing interesting sermons to keep everybody active and awake.
What I liked about the book was the different ages of everyone and how they each dealt with stressful circumstances and leaned on God to help them through it all. Interesting to find they all related in one way or another.
Not only different ages, different walks of life and different problems than others in the community. Amazing how a fishing trip can change all their minds...Discussion questions at the end.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.