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Surface - Stacy Robinson




SURFACE  by Stacy Robinson
Story line sounded intriguing. Starts out with Claire and Michael and they have a son Nicholas who's home for the summer from boarding school. He's now 17 and he meets up with his other friends at night.
As Michael has left the country to do business one of his associates shows up and he and Claire hit it off-he's got info on a new project and she questions him about it. What ensues is they end up in bed and he drops his cocaine that Nicky finds and uses-and Nicky is a diabetic.
He ends up in a coma and surgeries and then Michael sends him to a rehab hosptial in LA and Claire goes with him.
Story goes back in time so we can understand Michael and Claire's relationship before they got married, then we are back in the present at the LA rehab place. Nicky is showing progress but Michael who flies in from Denver, CO doesn't think as much as he should be improving. Nickys sees himself as a retard.
Quite a few twists to the story and then other events on top of that make this a good read. Action, mysteries, loss, travel, new friendships and betrayal. She is able to uncover some things that lead her and her friends to think Michael is having an affair. She does learn what it's all about and so much more and she meets him headon with how she can help him.
Like how the book got it's name and yes the mother in law knew it from the start. Crazy plan of hers to help her and her son survive. it's never going to work...
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review