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Marry Me at Christmas (Fool's Gold) by Susan Mallery (2015-09-29) - Susan Mallery;

Marry me at Christmas by Susan Mallery
Madeline is the wedding gown store owner. It starts out with some trying the gowns on and it looks like they are pumpkins.
Fool's gold and the bridal shop owner is in charge of all the details of a local bride and groom.
Roselind has just started working there as her kids are back in school now.  Madeline helped them be happy with whatever combinations they wanted.
Lots of back story and the characters that live there. This is the town where females are the leaders in every department in the town: mayor, fire chief, event planner, police chief, etc.
Ginger is to be married and the mayor needs her to do everything.  Johnny Blaze is the brother of the bride.  Wedding will be in 7 weeks time and during the Christmas season.
Story also follows Johnny and he's a movie star, travels a lot and is everybody's love fantasy. Lightening and tingling when they shake tips her off that she's found her 'one' as her mother would say, it's a family trait.
Have read all the other Christmas holidays books in this series and the same events happen with live nativity.
Lots of pregnant women and the men they are married too, we are brought up to date with their lives. Predictable ending.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).