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The Four Seasons - Mary Alice Monroe

The Four Seasons by Mary Alice Monroe
The funeral will bring the sisters together: Jillian, Beatrice (Birdy), Rose. Mary the 4th is now dead.
Model in Paris, pediatric doctor and word processor working from the family home,  were their professions. In Mary's last wish video they learn she wants them to find Spring and give her the share of her money from the estate.
The book goes back in time to when she told her parents she was pregnant and we learn all the details.
Alternating chapters from the present to the past...She's sent away to a convent for unwed mothers and they will give the baby to a family.
The woman and daughter gather together to trace the one baby given away. Feel the emotions as they go through them, different for each of them as they go onward.
The secret I wonder, will it come out as to who the father could really be or remain a secret forever.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).