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The Only Way Out - Susan Mallery

The Only Way Out by Susan Mallery
Have read many of the authors other works and have been on her street team to promote her books.
This one is a very old one and so different from the Fool's Gold series that I'm actually enjoying the strategy of it all.
Jeff has watched his wife and child die in the blast, Krey is the culprit and in time he will get revenge. On the island he lays low and almost takes Krey out but a woman gets in the way.
It's his ex-wife and she's there to get the child Krey had kidnapped. He runs into her as she's escaping with the child and they plan together how to get off the island when the airports been shut down from Krey's order...
Like the survival skills he teaches her.  Bits of romance but really liked the action and adventure.
I actually bought this book because it was one I had never read or was given a copy to review.