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The Lost Sheenan's Bride (Taming of the Sheenans Book 6) - Jane Porter

The Lost Sheenan's Bride by Jane Porter
This is the last of this series but another is in the works using some of the same characters.
Starts out with Jet who's staying at her sisters B&B in Montana while she works at the one room schoohouse taking care of a handful of children from different grades, temporarily.
Once the last teacher gives birth and comes back the district may decide the children need to go to school via the bus to another town so she may be out of work.
Story also follow Shane who's paying to stay at the Sheenan family home while he writes.  His past makes him believe he is one of the Sheenans' but proof is hard to come by, although the DNA proves he is one of them.
They go out as she's fascinated that he's the author of the books she's read and loved them.
He's just there trying to make friends with them but they are not very welcome.  He believes his mother's ghost still resides at the ranch as he investigates more clues about his past life.
The Sheenan members now know Shane is there to write a story of a family murder and they don't want him to investigate.
They post eviction papers on the house so he's only got 30 days left now and not enough time to write the story he's been paid for.
Jet really likes and feels comfortable and natural with Shane, but many others see them and tell her to stay away from him...
Like this book because you are made welcome with the characters even if you've not read the previous books there's enough information about everybody to understand what's going on.
Like also the detailed descriptions as the author writes to make you feel like you can see what's before you-the scenery, nature, sounds, smells, etc.
Some details of the past murders unfolds. Like the explanations of all the tattoos, so interesting, a story in themselves.  Loved sight seeing tours of Butte, sounds like a treasure to see all the preservation.
Jet knew she might have some important information as she's talked to a woman who lived there at the time of the murders. She knows she should just walk away from it all...
Excerpt from the next book-in the new series but a continuoation of this series as well is included.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.