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Vital Temptations: A Heart's Betrayal - K.L. Lewis

Story line sounded interesting as she will put love on hold and it's based in Seattle.
Bethany and her friend are gonna head out for the Greek performance...they bump into some men and she ends up finding him sitting next to her in the seminar the next day, Brent.
She's a resident at the WA hospital and she is trying to get over her ex boyfriend. They meet often and she gets advice from her roommate, Danielle about dating.
Love hearing of the Seattle places they've frequented-we long to go back, wish we could go more often than once a year to visit the kids.
They become more than friends and hot steamy sex scenes as they learn more about one another. Her friend Caleb takes her for a ride and she is able to see Brent with another woman and she's so hurt...
She recalls her childhood and when her mother was on the floor crying her eyes out because her father was seeing many other women. She finds out the truth about Brent and it hit her like a ton of bricks...
Bethany still has her career to concentrate on and new relationships to discover. Brent still haunts her no matter where he relocates.
Enjoyed the other travel available and the details of  a new place. Very detailed descriptions of the pediatric doctoring.
When she becomes pregnant she has to make the right choice and there are so many ways it could go. Surprise ending for many.
Although there are just a handful of characters it's easy to keep them straight as people they work with come in and out of their lives.
Enjoyed the book, travel, learning a bit about the pediatric career and the romance.
I received this book from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review