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The Last Mile - David Baldacci

The last mile by David Baldacci
Have read the author's other works and have enjoyed the books.
Mars is locked up in prison and he's been in 20 years. They say he had killed his parents. His final appeal had been denied-he's slated to be executed.
Last mile is the 30 feet to the death chamber and this book is uptodate with the controversy over lethal injections as some have suffered and it's not immediate death.
He recalls his past life and football and how it all ended. The suits had come for him but with no chains and they tell him another has confessed to all the murders. They are looking into the events and he may walk free.
Amos was a detective and his family had been murdered. He will be working with Allison and the FBI to investigate the man who confessed to the murders. He had played football also and remembered the games with Mars.
Amos has a special ability-his memory due to his amnesia. He can see things that happened in the room even decades after.
So interesting to learn of his ability and how the men react to one another's tragedy of family loss.
Very involved with lots of other events taking place as more murders occur...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).