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Where I Lost Her - T. Greenwood

Where I Lost Her by T. Greenwood
Have read one other book by the author and enjoyed the read.
This one starts out with Tess and her family and they are visiting friends in the woods of Vermont. Her husband is busy with getting one of his clients works published and she tends to the children.
During a night of drinking and she agrees to go get another bottle at the store, On her way back she stops as she sees a little girl in the middle of the road and she notices many details as she goes to get a sweater for her as she is not wearing a shirt the girl disappears.
The whole town shows up to help search for her to no avail and others wonder if she was just drunk as there are no leads. She heads out herself and finds some clues and they point to others and she investigates them online to find out one was  a sex offender and she thinks he might be the culprit who took her.
While that's going on she bonds with her sister in law about her husbands texts to his mistress. She is also summoned back to the city as the mother in law is on her deathbed. Many other strange things occur.  Another girl is now missing....
Liked fairy houses as I've seen them myself and other small things along the way.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review