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Stitches in Time - Terri DuLong

Stitches in Time by Terri Dulong
Have loved this series and the one prior. Love how the author brings you up to date but doesn't spend 3/4 of the book doing so as other authors.
Love the area, how it's described and know I'd fall right into place with the surroundings and people. It's such an easy going place and atmosphere.
This book starts out with Isabella and her teen daughter are heading to Ormond Beach to live since her careless cigarette  back in Atlanta burned the house.
She stops off to visit with her long time friend for short time. She's concerned about her daughter, Haley as she exercises a lot and hardly eats. Her and Petra also discuss her mom Iris and their loss bond and the death of her father and the divorce of her husband. It's just been too much.
Like Brothers and Sisters and Parenthood the reason I like this series is because of the different ages of the characters and the different problems they are facing. Mix that in with yarn and tea and I've arrived at Paradise.
While they are staying at Koi House with Chloe, Isabelle's fathers girlfriend til he died, they are surrounded by many who care for them. Isabelle starts right in with a job delivering to the locals, teas and coffees along with home made muffins daily.
She finds herself at peace and satisfied as she knits and listens to music.  Mystery surrounding the divorce and we learn of the details during the book and she has to explain it all to Haley...and her mother has a mystery to share with her also.
Loved learning about the sea turtles and the time she is able to spend with her new boyfriend, Chadwick. Mystery of the sisters death and her spirit that lingers fascinates me as she helps Isabelle to make choices.
SO interesting how things turn out, for everybody involved.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review