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Romance by Design (Christian Contemporary Romance) - Gail Gaymer Martin

Requested this book because the story line of interior designers interests me.
Starts out with Hunter Evans, an interior designer who's just returned from London...to find Morgan a new hire and she's in charge of the hoedown charity event he's forced to attend. Yeah he can't believe it either, a HOEDOWN!
While another grabs him for some foot stomping dance her charm bracelet made up of household items: fork, sewing machine, etc snag onto him...
She's gotten under his skin and he only sees it that she's trying to sway the male president to do things she wants done-the charity work. Others are onboard and he needs to jump on the band wagon also as they are design specialists.
Loved hearing the stories behind the charms on her bracelet-so meaningful and close to my home state of RI.
The boss throws them together to work on the new campaign for a restaurant chain.  They will have to compromise and work their schemes to mesh with one another ...they are thrown together often, even when his old girlfriend is rehired...
Things are misunderstood and there is a rift between them-he not even knowing what he had done to her...you wonder if even with him praying, they will get back together.
Love how her family is easy going, down to earth and loving and how his family learns to be that way...love how she gets him to study God and the Catholic religion without even knowing!
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review.