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Out of Focus - Nancy Naigle

Out of Focus by Nancy Naigle
Won this is a contest that I had entered because it's about photography and I know I will enjoy it.
Starts out with Kasey and she's the photographer for the band-she's driven to be on location with them at his agent's house where she can get great angles on her subject, Colby, a rising musical star.
What is fun about this book so far is how she gets along with them, the playful bantering and they accept her as one of them. She has a husband and 3 year old at home and makes calls to them, no matter what, at certain times of the day.
She arrives home from a shoot and she's going to surprise them with dinner as they are not home yet. Next thing we hear is the policeman and he's telling her her husband died in a crash and there is no little boy at all, anywhere.
She and her best friends look for clues as to where her son could be along with help from business associates. So many clues from the pictures she received from the courier.
Cody and the tour also are able to help out in their own way by showing pictures of Jake and talking about his disappearance.
Like how she finds out about the gift the guys had left her and what it is.
Devastating at times but happy at other times, what a ride...recipes included at the end.