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Summer on the Cape - J.M. Bronston

Summer on the Cape by  J.M. Bronston
Loved the idea of the storyline-working on the cape for the summer. Am familiar with the locale and as it's just snowing here it reminds me of warmer, sunnier days to come.
Allie Randall, an artist learns from her agent Adam more of the details of her summer that he's planned for her. She is to live on the cape and do seascapes for a client of his a big land developing project. She will have chances to sneak back to NYC for gallery shows, other commitments.
She was to meet Zach Eliot on the ground and he'd take her to the house where he'd maintain it for her during her stay.
Interesting as we find both of what's going on in their heads in the same chapter and their thoughts in a different font. Have read a few books using this and it makes for an interesting read as you get both points of view at the same time from each of their angles.
Loved learning new words and more history about the area and each of their careers in such a luscious setting.
She knows why she's there and has no idea what he is so worried about and hostile towards her for. The agent Adam is the culprit. She will learn more later...
Twists and turns as the project is discussed more openly with the residents of the area.
Each has so much to hide with their past, their secrets and the future dreams. They each had feelings for one another, physically but at times it's a lot more than that.
Interesting to see which way this plays out. Love all the learning, detail descriptions of things as they are brought to life in front of our eyes as if we are the ones there.
The word outsider really has an impact on her as a younger girl at prep school where she won an art scholarship they let it be known she was the outsider. Just like here on the island, she's been called an outsider.
This is such a typical, New England, today age battle: progress or keeping farm land natural. Harsh words are spoken and chances are they will never see eye to eye...
Love hearing about the quilt and what it stands for.  Hot steamy sex scenes are implied.  Would like to read more from this author.
I received this book from Net Galley via Kennsington Books  in exchange for my honest review.