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Targeted (Firebrand Book 1) - Sandra Robbins

Wanted to read this book because of the action and adventure. It's so much more than that.
Starts out with Lainey and her son Max who are being threatened to get her brother in law to come back to the house.
Ash has been working out of CO when he gets a note to call home-he follows the waitress and finds the dead diner owner and the waitress and no sign of the woman who handed him the note. He alerts the authorities and calls Lainey and when he hears what she has to say he informs her he'll be home soon.
He arrives with help from Firebrand friends, a  military trained group who sometimes help the US government out of sticky situations.
I have read other books along the same premise and the reads are action packed and fast paced, as is this one. You learn a lot just sitting back taking it all in-they tend to cover all the angles.
Threat of bombs, more death threats and Ash is handed a personal note from the lawyer from his dead brother...He's learning a few new things about Lainey and she's not as bad as he had feared-keeping everything for herself but for her son.
They know who the threats are coming from and try to anticipate what will happen next as Ash tries to keep Lainey and Max safe. Also chapters from the cartel with their plans.
He has a big decision to make: stay with Firebrand or go about his own business and/or stay to help with Max. He asks God for help and doesn't get a feel that he's there...
SO many twists and turns, the plot really keeps you interested in reading what's gonna happen next. good surprise ending, didn't see it going down that way.
Excerpt from the next book in the series in included at the end. Didn't read the prequel book but I didn't feel I was in the dark as some things are discussed from the past.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review