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Too Close for Comfort - Lynne Marshall

Too Close For Comfort by Lynne Marshall
Have read another book by this author and loved it as it deals with a middle age woman and her problems and how she solves them.
So used to reading about 20 year old problems and it's a breath of fresh air to me to read about something closer to my age.
Book starts out with Joy and she's just arrived in Comfort, Maine where she needs to get the ex husbands signature as he's a silent partner in her business. Divorced for several years now it's just something they never dealt with at the divorce. Her daughter Edie arranges everything as she knows her mom is so stressed out it's brought on her panic attacks again.
She calls her Dad, Paul in Maine and pleads with him to keep her there longer-she needs the vacation. Michael their son, is in Iraq and neither have talked to him in about a month's time.
While going about town Joy overhears the teens talking about death of a friend and drugs so she does contact Paul about all that information as it's not the first death in just a few weeks time.
Each has sparks for the other... as they draw up past memories of their lives...as they spend more time together. She is trying to pass along information she hears the kids talking about, the drugs that is killing other teens.
Business is booming without her being there, a stalker is onto her and Paul protects her in many ways....hot steamy sex scenes.....Like the state I live, RI, there were rum runners in Maine also, love hearing of the mysteries surrounding that as other details blend in with the drugs.
She finds out Paul betrayed her and she's done with him. You wonder if they can get back together and what it'll take.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review..