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Amish Firefighter - Laura Hilton

The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton       
Always fascinated by the job firefighters do and hope to learn more about that in this book.
Book starts out with a gloassary of Amish terms used-this will be helpful to reference when the words are used in the book.
Abigail Stutzman is trying to follow her new friend Mirancda and she discovers the barn they were in is on fire. She hopes to put it out but she stumbles and falls on the ground herself.
Sam Miller is an EMT and volunteer fire fighter when he runs into Abigail and assumes she started the fire. They alert others and both help to put the fire out as she tries to escape but Sam finds her and so does his father. Lots of action. Bit hard to keep track of all the characters til you realize their connection.
He tells Sam not to accuse her ... he does find out more details of the night of the fire while they are having a snack at McDonalds while waiting for his beau to finish her shopping. We learn more about why she's at her aunts house and not at her house in Ohio and his friendship with PJ.
Interested to hear the talk of a real American teen, the slang used and how foreign it sounds to the Amish. Then again some of their words are foreign to us-Americans.
Also what goes on at the church service, during and after. Shame she fell and ended up in the ER where she found out more news from home. She and Sammy had talked about how everybody in town knew she'd be there, at least a month before she even arrived. She's told to trust her mother but nobody will explain what happened.
Just when things are going well with them both, they like each other, events are brought to the forefront and you wonder if they can ever get past them...prayers from everybody to help overcome the hurt and shame..
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review