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Guilty Pleasures - Lawrence Sanders

Guilty pleasures by  Lawrence Sanders  
The Fullsby family is into publishing and Barbara has just graduated from college. She informs her daddy that she wants to go into the business after her month long visit with her girlfriend to France and other places.
They share a different kind of love for one another. Her mother is bedridden and doesn't have all her brain when they talk to her.
Brett, her brother is a playboy. Although he loves women he also loves men.  Nothing is too good for them.  All the dates they have from both sexes.
Story also follows a judge who has a woman who does housekeeping for him and other things... her son is being mentored by the judge and he hopes to get him a job as a lawyer, he's black and he can push him into places he'd not even try to accomplish.
They are at the party were Emmett, the publisher president is retiring and giving his shares of the company to the children. Amazing how he splits his funds between the kids. And he's sailing indefinitely.....
Blackmail ensues and you can't believe the details!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).