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Dandelion Summer - Lisa Wingate

Dandelion summer by Lisa Wingate
Book starts out with an old man, hospitalized and his daughter Deborah is making arrangements for him to come home and having a housekeeper there to tend to his needs and the house.
Jay Norman had just lost his wife and didn't take his heart medications...book also follows Epiphany Jones who is just 16 and had been forced to move to this area due to the death of her caretaker. She learns that her father is not who her mom had told her, but she's a black Italian and her father's family runs a restaurant in the town.
Her mom has many secrets hiding in the closet that she's started to uncover. She doesn't feel welcome at all but she's been told she will be making meals for the old man. Epi and Jay form an alliance against Deborah and work on projects together. He knows all about rocket ships and other technical things. She needs guidance in that and other personal things...
Mysteries arise and they jump to find the clues-with the help of technology.
Amazing how their lives are entwined!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).