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Major Wager: The Pure Round of Golf Jack Challenged Tiger To - Mr Colin Koenig

Major Wager, The Pure Round of Golf Jack challenged Tiger to by Colin Koenig
Love golf and even ran an online tour for many years. Had so many designed courses to play and each of them was fascinating to find the secrets to.
Enjoy the game of golf and it's not about winning but how you get to the end and with who. This book starts out with Jack and he's asked Tiger privately to play a game and not tell anyone.
He hopes to get Augusta but it's booked so Jack makes plans for a course in KY. What I liked about this course is it's not known to me and the book describes it SO well I feel like I am there with them.
Like discussions along the way especially the one about knickers. Love Payne the most of all the players I'm familiar with.
Personalized by putting a name to each of the holes-wish there was a map or pictures to make us really feel like we are there.
Amazing things happen on the course, priceless!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.