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Current Affairs - Barbara Raskin

Current affairs by  Barbara Raskin  
Audio book and the sisters start out with numbered lists of why they are jealous of the other, why they are the same and why they are different.
Nat is married and no kids. Shay has had 4 husbands with a grandchild that she pawns off on others. Nat picks her up at the airport and they head to a party but the car is stolen. Real problem is highly sensitive government papers that Shay had are also stolen. Snapshots along the way are described.
The car is found and the cops question Nat as to the papers and she has no clue-they are Shay's. She wants to put her under the bus instead she tends to the little granddaughter so Shay can go track down who wants the papers now...
Lots of action as the FBI helps to protect her and they try to make a deal with the thugs...lots of DRAMA!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).