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Francesca's Kitchen - Peter Pezzelli

Francesca's Kitchen by Peter Pezzelli
What appealed to me about this book was the fact the woman had raised her Italian family in RI-where I live and now that all the kids have grown and moved away.
She keeps busy by learning new things from books at the library. She's got her act together-she travels to visit all the kids two times a year and they visit her. Some days it's still not enough-too much silence.
The story is depicted in January and it's described exactly how it feels in RI at that time of the year when the big snow storm hits. Love memories myself of the 78 blizzard-the weekend of our marriage, marooned for a whole week with no travel on roads possible.
Story also follows Loretta Simmons, the mother of children who want her to actually get out of bed to take them to school....
Francesca needs to find something new to do-to feel useful again. She loves cooking and searches through the local ads for a job. A babysitting job just a few hours til the mother returns from her work at the lawyer's firm for her 2 kids...
Loretta dates and Francesca babysits more hours for them. She's got them eating real food and picking up after themselves which makes Loretta feel like she's not a good mother....
Fran's kids have no idea she's been working as she talks to each of the girls weekly with the same stories of shopping at the local grocery and going to get books from the library...when Loretta becomes sick for a week Francesca takes over and even meets one of Loretta's bosses.
They get to chat while doing house chores and having tea and Loretta takes an interest in cooking as they clear the skeletons from their closets.
They become better friends as time goes on til the kids have a week off and Francesca isn't needed....or is she?  Like the religious interventions along the way-really fits in with the whole story.
Author Q&A and recipes at the end. Will be looking for more from this author. Like how he describes things, makes you feel like you are there experiencing it for yourself.    
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review