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Blue Heron - Avi

Blue Heron by Avi
Have read other author's works and have enjoyed them all. This one is about Maggie and they are spending time at the shore and she has a new sister.
Magic and her father, she believes in all. Her mother gave her a crystal that is pure magic in her pocket. She travels to visit her father and step mother from Seattle all the way to MA. The shore will have much magic.
Very familiar to the area as we live nearby. It's interesting how the descriptions are so detailed-we tend to take things like the countryside for granted at times.
The heron has a magic all it's own and she wants to save her father....he spends much time on the phone doing work. She entertains herself as the stepmother is always busy with the new baby.
She studies the heron and discovers lots of things about how the bird lives and survives in the marsh.
She discovers many treasures and she also finds out her ailing father has not been taking his medicines!  Someone has also been shooting arrows at the heron! Magic happens!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).