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Home Free by Hailey, Elizabeth F - Elizabeth F Hailey

Home free  by Hailey_ Elizabeth Forsythe
Kate and her husband, Cliff after 25 years of marriage are splitting up. She will get the house in CA. Nina their daughter is leaving for college.
The car breaks down, Ford is his name and she invites him into her house and lets him use her husbands bathroom and clothes. She hears his story of how they traveled across the US and can't find a home so he puts his wife and children in a woman's homeless shelter so the children can attend school.
He has a sign that says he will work for money in hopes he can make enough to rent an apartment for them all.  Kate gives him the Christmas gifts meant for her husband and other gifts for his wife. Alternating chapters of how each is coping with their circumstances.
At times it's confusing to figure out if they're in the past or the present as she talks to her family members and you realize it's the past.
His wife thinks she's just using her husband for her own gain as she's lonely without her daughter and her soon to be ex husband.
So much changes for them all as they continue to live and work. She becomes pregnant and that causes them to come together...
Love how everything that's happened and changed Kate's outlook on life and what she wants to do with the money from the sale of her house.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).