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Softly, As I Leave You - Candy Caine

SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU by Candy Caine  
Liked the storyline and where the story takes place, hoping to learn more about skiing and the NE.  This story starts out with
Alisha and she's a nurse in the ER and her father has recently died-who had disowned her many years prior to his death. She meets  Daniel.
one week she and her girlfriends are in VT to ski. It's a place she can lose herself but she keeps running into him. She does sideswipe him on the slope and he breaks his leg and she feels so responsible.
They meet and really connect, hook up as we are brought up to date. Very steamy hot erotic sex scenes. She's takes it hard when he won't accept his parents invite to dinner and she thinks it's because of the color of he skin. She has her own secrets....and makes her choice to leave without telling him why...
Excerpt of Because of You is also included, along with At First Sight.
Listing of other works by the author and their synopsis are also included..
Hope errors get fixed-it's a good read.
I received this ARC from Romance Addict Book Blog in exchange for my honest review.