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Private Paris - James Patterson, Mark Sullivan

Private Paris by James Patterson
Story starts out with the detectives' friend Sherman call where his granddaughter is missing after she got disconnected from a call telling him drug dealers were after her.
She's lost her parents and barely graduated with a trust fund. Loved hearing of the streets of Paris, tagging buildings and the action surrounding why she's missing...Louie and Jack are on the trail to find her.
They find Kimberly Conchinski and she tells him she needs a place to hide. She escapes from the safe hotel and alias name, sorry to have put her grandfather in harms way from the trouble she's brought.
There are also chapters from the Major Machard and how he goes about getting information from the people on the street. He is found dead and the cops use clues that lead to a tagger and the veiled woman.
Using clues and her bank card transactions they are able to track her again... Internationals travel, loved the fashion aspect, action fast paced similar to Nelson DeMille's style of writing, so descriptive.
Love how they end this one because it comes with an excerpt from the next book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).