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Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel - Laura Dave

Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave
Starts out with Georgia Ford and she recalls her parents first meeting. The vineyard she grew up with and she runs home to, only to find things not normal.
She had just learned something about her fiance that will break them up-there are to be married in a weeks time. At her parents she finds her mother there, but not her father...
Love learning what 800 grapes title means. Story also follows her mother, cello player and her lover a famous conductor. She wanders the fields looking for her father who's doing the harvest this year.
All the chores to be done to the grapes are described.  After she talks to her father and brother she learns more new things that she never expected to hear about. There are things she didn't know about her brothers also, as if she had lived under a rock for the past several years.
She's a lawyer and feels comfort in going home, to confront those about the sale. Jacob MacCarthy is the owner of the vineyard, who wants to buy the last straw vineyard.  He tries to calm her down to discuss the contract.
He had studied law but never practiced. He tries to diffuse her temper... Her furniture is on its way to London where she was to live and work at her companys office with her new husband...
Stories arise from the past to help us understand the relationship each of the kids has with one another in the family...
Ben tries methods to get Georgia to marry him still, as he visits the vineyard so they can talk more. With all the turmoil surrounding them it's anybody's guess as to what will happen.
Like the drama of all the people's problems as they strive to fix them while losing the vineyard...
Didn't see the major catastrophe coming.... or secrets that are now being told and who she ends up with...
Brought tears to my eyes! This author writes as if you are there, she puts you there for yourself.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).