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Tumbledown Manor - Helen Brown

Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown
Book starts out with Lisa and it's her birthday, one of the big ones and she being surprised by family and friends.
When the roses arrive with a note-not meant for her but her spouses mistress she knows she has to act and do something.
After everyone has left to go in their separate directions she meets with the publishing company and she informs them she's heading to her sisters house in Australia.
Her son also lives nearby. Once there she looks for a place for herself and is almost ready to sign for a townhouse when she realizes the manor her grandfather was raised in was for sale.
It's very run down but with the help of others she's able to live in it, write her book and get things fixed up, all be the stables. She's heard rumors of a scandal that happened and ghosts are haunting the stables.
She does hear her share of things that she can't explain but is overall happy with the purchase and her surroundings.
There are a handful of other characters that add their drama to the mix making this at times a good funny read.
Lots of twists and turns at the end. Love that this book is actually two books in one-the one that she's writing and the one that she's living.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review