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The Stone Necklace: A Novel (Story River Books) - Carla Damron, Patti Callahan Henry

The Stone Necklace by  Carla Damron
The necklace brings together many from different tragedies.
Starts out with Leena: cancer, surgery, chemo. Mitch, the husband tries to keep it all together.
Joe the homeless man who does chores for them. He had left a stone and it appears in Mitchs briefcase every morning.
Follows Tonya in a car that gets in an accident-her son Bryon is ok, she blames herself for texting..... Mitch had run a red light and crashed into her car due to his medical emergency.
Story also follows Becca, Sims and older brother who all gather at the hospital for their father.  Also Sandy who's a recovering addict hat is a nurse in the hospital.
Confusing at times as everybody has so much going on.
Like this book because it is about a lot of different people, different ages, different careers and they have one thing in common...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).