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The Stargazer's Sister: A Novel - Carrie Brown

The stargazer's sister by Carrie Brown
Starts out with Carolina/Leena and her brother William on a ship going towards England from Holland. She is to tend to him and his star experiments.
Love that he points out the constellations to her as they travel.  Time goes back to 1755 when she was younger and she recalls other good times-the moon that links her and her brother-no matter where they are they are one as each looks at the moon.
And bad times when she was deathly sick, but alive, scarred for life...liked hearing the traditions, parades, feasts in Holland.
William teaches her much as he's a music teacher and brings in money from teaching others and Leena.
Circumstances arise that allow her to travel to London for a week and she fears when she returns she will have not only a new sister in law but a new place for her to stay.
Such caring for one another as they accomplish the inconceivable then and after.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).