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The Guest Room: A Novel - Chris Bohjalian

The guest room by Chris Bohjalian
Starts out with a man, Richard who's bought strippers for the night for his brothers bachelor party, in his house. His wife, Kristin is with her mom in the city with their daughter for the night.
Story also follows Alexandra the stripper. Liked the scene in front of them as they first come to  NYC from Russia. At the party the men accompany the strippers and the women go crazy and kill the henchmen.  Story follows as it goes back in time to when she first became a sex slave.
Later, the police question all the men in the bachelor party about the events of the night. Kristin is upset and she will head back and leave their daughter to spend the weekend with her mother while she helps straighten up the mess in the house.
Kirstin and Richard also go back in time to when they first met up to the present and the nightmare they are living.
So much changes for not only those involved but neighbors, their places of business and the little girls school....
What I like about this book is that it's really 2 books in one that the story does entwine. One of the guys at the party is blackmailing Richard and he has pictures...
Like how the wife handles some things but not sure how I myself would handle them being in the same situation.
So much more action and surprises along the way, exc read! Would read more from this author.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).