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Dust - Beaux Cooper

Dust by Beaux Cooper
She's left her husband to go find herself, at a Wyoming ranch where she will work as a hand, doing chores, etc. They've tried for 3 years to become pregnant...
She rises to the chores given her as some of the hands play pranks on her and she takes them in stride. She befriends some of the hands as they help explain how to do the chores.
Austin has made enemies also=she cleans the rooms they have meals in, better than the others and the boss lets the others know they have new standards of clean. She's also sent with others out to get the herds-several days away from her studio cabin.
The men continue to raze her to no avail. Love the detailed descriptions of her chores as they made you feel as if you are there, doing them.
Loved hearing about the herbs she collects to help heal the injured.   She befriends Holly and while they talk of Austin's problems she guides her into knowing what she must do with her husband.
What a surprise ending, didn't see it coming. Can't wait to read more from this author!
I received this book from the author via Book Review Buzz in exchange for my honest review.