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The Melody Lingers on - Mary Higgins Clark

The melody lingers on  by Clark_ Mary Higgins
Lane Harmon an assistant interior designer in NYC with her daughter. She is a widower after one year of marriage, 2 months pregnant.  Her boss, Gladdy and her went to a new clients house and realized not much of the help was left.
The husband Parker Bennett has been missing for years, with the 5 billion he had stolen from clients.   His wife and son, Eric are trying to prove he is innocent.
She must keep her and her 4 year old daughter safe as she finds clues to his whereabouts. FBI were on Parker's trail and don't think he dove off his yacht and survived. Many others are brought together to console one another who've also lost their life savings.
Love all the technical things going on in the case and liked the design work that is proposed. Such detailed descriptions, makes you feel like you are there.
So many different angles and you think he will continue to get away with everything he's done....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).