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New Leaf: A Mystic Creek Novel - Catherine Anderson

New Leaf by Catherine Anderson
Have read some of the author's other works and have enjoyed the story.
This one starts out in Mystic Creek where a woman, Tabbath runs the local nutritional health store, lives above it.
The town is small so it doesn't take much to excite some of the residents-especially when they can watch her dance provocatively with loud music.
That makes them call the sheriff's deputy and he has keys to all the main street stores and notifies her she has to turn the music down, and get some blinds.
He tries to befriend her with coffee but she needs to keep her distance, keep to herself as her daughter who's living with her ex has temporary custody.
She does summon him for help, with a proposition....He's attracted to her but knows he should not date the locals. Her proposition is so much more than he anticipated and he has a lawyer friend check out what she's told him.
Not very predictable when he finds out what her real situation is, nor his reaction. Like how he explains all the horse details to her in a way to make her understand and make her feel at home.
Lots of other family members in the picture and it takes time to understand who they all are.  Like the travel to the city and the things they do there...things don't go according to plan, as in real life either which makes this a  good read.
Romance and sex scenes and an excerpt from the next in the series is included.
Won this in a contest.