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By Barbara Freethy On A Night Like This (The Callaways) (Volume 1) [Paperback] - Barbara Freethy

On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy
Have read some of the author's other works and have enjoyed the read.
This one is from the start of the Calloway family series. I have read others in this series and they are good.
This one starts out with Sarah-the next door neighbor when they were growing up as kids.
Right next door to the Calloway family where all the kids: men and Emma, had followed in their fathers footsteps-fire fighting.
She's visiting her father who she's not seen in many years and she hopes they can bridge the gap as he's the only family she has left.
She's a lawyer and she wants to mend their differences. While arguing the kitchen caught on fire....he went to the basement.....Aiden has broken down the door to get to them.
They all get out with help from Aiden-who's visiting with his family and staying there. Other family members and their troubles arise and it's easy to keep everybody straight.
Real everyday problems and firefighting issues.  Nice when he turns to her for help-she's asked him for help also so it's lightening their loads.
Loved hearing how all the fire investigations are collecting the clues as to the answers they need.
There is a lot of action and problems from all the siblings which some are solved during this book, others continue onto other books in the series that are revelant to the sibling. Excerpt is included for next in the series.
Free from the author.