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Kiss Me Forever (Bachelors & Bridesmaids #1) - Barbara Freethy

Kiss Me Forever by Barbara Freethy
She's hot on the trail of the car seat problem and she just needs more time.
Andrea works for a magazine and she's a reporter but her boss wants her to move on and report real news.
Story also follows Alex and he's a mentor for a child, Tyler that is in foster care. Alex is a game designer and he likes Tyler to play the game and give him hints of trouble.
The magazine is about to do a cover story on Alex and she will be the journalist following him around and attending parties as his guest.
Her twin sister is about to be married and she had told her mother she'd handle the bridal shower as she's the maid of honor and she has a lot to do for the wedding also. Her sister bombards her with visits as does her mother-via the phone.
The people she meets and interrogates to try to learn who Alex really is. It is really up to him to tell her the real story....he's learned a lot about her and they are attracted to one another...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Excerpts from one is included.
Free from the author.