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Rainy Day Sisters: A Hartley-by-the-Sea Novel - Kate Hewitt

Rainy Day by Kate Hewitt
Summary makes it sound like a good book, it's more than that for me.
Starts out with Lucy and she's been humilated not only at work but by her mother and boyfriend. She leaves to go overseas for a few months to board at her half sister that she's not seen but a couple of times.
She even has a job at the local elementary school.  Juliette runs and local B&B and has people in and out all day but the girls have time to spend together where they learn about one another.
They have the same mother and it's explained why they never spent time together while growing up. They have a lot of time to make up for.
Lucy is getting comfortable at her job and the boss...she goes out with a group of people that work there and is starting to actually like the boss-so many have warned he's stern.
Loved all the places described, especially those while they are out walking the dogs, such a perfect spot even during the rainy season.
Some of the English words I am unfamiliar with but you get the gist as you're reading along. Handful of characters makes it very easy to keep track of who is who.
Each of the sisters gets alternating chapters as the story goes along it's cool to be able to find out how the other sister is seeing things that one already described but from her angle.
They have goals they still want to achieve and get over the relationship with their mother, and Juliette sets the record straight on that accord. Family medical emergency leads one of them to leave England, for a short time.
But those plans don't go according to the plan either... more in the series from the same locale are excerpted at the end.
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