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The Marriage Season (Brides of Bliss County) - Linda Lael Miller

The marriage season by Linda Lael Miller
Becks, Hadley, Melody entered a marriage pact. Two have found their happy marriages and expecting, but Becks intended died in the war.
She runs a fitness chain and her nephew is friends with the new guys in town, Tate and his two sons. They find themselves being pushed together and maybe he's the one for her.
Haven't read the others in the series but didn't feel left out as they bring you up to date with just enough information as to not give the past away totally.
Enjoy the Wyoming surroundings and the descriptions of the area. She also is in training for the marathon, it's 26 miles...
With her sisters problems she has to step it up to take care of the problems there....others help out but she's the main one in control.
Tate helps her with the nephew, to understand him as the boys all play together...love fishing trip with all of them...card game was priceless! things don't go as others had hoped or planned...
Neither wants to get married-from past experience, but ...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).