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Love Storm - Jennifer McNare

Love Storm
Loved the cover and the summary of the book. Starts out with Brooklyn and she's just arriving at her sister and brother in law's cabin in the CO mountains.
Problem is the BIL also told his football friend Ryan that he could stay there for a few weeks while his house is being repaired and he's recovering from a head injury.
They appear to get along well and have much to talk about as they've not seen one another in 4 years time.
It's rather predictable, you know they will get together in the end. Like the area and learning about the surroundings.
They have fun with the snow outside and fun bantering with one another...hot tub scenes...and then she reveals a special secret to him, will it matter though?
Hot firey steamy sex and thoughts...good short read, just the 2 characters along with others in phone calls.