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REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR - Jennifer Morse, William Mortimer

REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR  by Jennifer Morse and William Mortimer
Have read other works by Jennifer and enjoyed them and this one along with her husband sounded like a good read also.
Found the trip to Mexico exciting as I've never visited there and it's very detailed descriptions bring a picture of the area in my mind.
Starts out with Christopher and on his 18th birthday as he's saved his money he heads to Mexico to get a special interior for his muscle car.
He runs into problems, so many that he ends up in a prison, on an island. He meets many along the way and I enjoyed the travel and story behind it all
and how it all comes full circle. Enjoyed the references to the animals and auras. Just when he's about to become free a special friend goes missing...
Enjoyed the martial arts and mystic exchanges. He watches man give up hope to ever having a real life again and now he really has nothing to live for....