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The Second Sister - Marie Bostwick

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick
Lucy is following her senator's campaign and path to the White House when she gets a call from her sister Alice.
Lucy hopes he will become president...Alice wants Lucy to spend Christmas in Nelson's Bay-their family hometown.
Election day and she gets a call, her sister has overdosed on sleeping pills and she must leave for WI. She dies and the president to be wants her to take time off work, for a few months.
Because she now has the time she steps into Alice's life and helps out with charity projects. Lawyer tells her of the stipulations to Alice's will....
Like how she tends to the animals and discovers her sisters quilts. She reads through the beginner books of quilting and dives into making one. She has no idea who all the quilts were for that her sister had made.
Recurring dreams keep her awake some nights. Like the tips about rotary cutters and other quilting issues.
Small town living and she's not used to everybody knowing everything about her. She finds herself at a neighbor's house for Thanksgiving and enjoying the time there.
Peter, the lawyer is helping her adjust and make sure she stays for 8 weeks. So many secrets and she finds the FOA!
Love the paying it forward and hearing about ice fishing.  She does have a job at the White House in Jan and you wonder if she will stay or leave...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).