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Undercover: A Novel - Danielle Steel

Undercover  by Danielle Steel
Have loved her other reads and know this will be just as good.
Starts out with Raoul who runs the Colombian drug cartel and he's friended Pablo who is close to his sister-expecting their first child in days.
Pablo is really a Marshall and is undercover for the past 3 years in Columbia and he's escaped only to learn Raoul had killed his sister. Marshall only wants to go undercover again in South America.
DEA wants him back in the states for over a year. He feels like he's living a different life. They set him up to be a presidential agent.
President and his family make him feel like family and he enjoys his time working for them. A tragedy occurs that changes Marsh's life and career.
The story also follows Ariana who's lost her mother and tries to be everything for her father. He hopes to become the French ambassador for the US.
She's into fashion and an editor for a French magazine.  She does move to Argentina to help her father. Problem is she's kidnapped and her father wants to pay the ransom. Weeks go by and she falls in love with Jorge, it will keep her alive longer.
She becomes pregnant with his child at the same time her father and the agents are trying to locate her-to extract her. After all her struggles she is able to recall a place where she can heal-she recalls being there with her father...
They suggest she confides in a man in Paris to overcome her grief...there are many breakthroughs....her struggles are not over yet....
Enjoyed all the different locations and how it all becomes connected to the same story.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).