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A Measure of Happiness - Lorrie Thomson

A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS by Lorrie Thomson   
Cover first got to me as I connect blueberries with Maine and that's where this book is situated. Like the area enough to visit every other year, if not sooner to take in all it's calm via footpaths and fierceness of the cliff edges.
Story line sounds really good also. I think I've found yet another new author for me to pursue her writings.
Starts out with Katherine and she's walked into her bakery to find it all trashed, she checks various things and finds the money is still safe. She is always thinking she's found her baby-the one she gave away.
Book also follows Celeste who had worked for Katherine and was to buy the bakery from her but headed to NY for culinary school.  She still has friends in town.
Book goes back in time to how they worked together at the shop and Kat's exhusband Buddy would come by to get coffee and was always able to draw things out of them.
Liked hearing of the mementos that she treasures in a dishcloth. Katherine has kept many secrets to herself over the years...
There are also chapters from Zach who works at the bakery and is searching for his birth mother.
Lots of twists at every turn, keeping you so engulfed in this story. Recipes included!
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review