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Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman (2015-11-24) - Ellen Marie Wiseman

Coal River  by   Ellen Marie Wiseman
Find it interesting to read about coal mines.  This book starts out with Emma and she dreams of her brother Albert and her parents that died in the fire. She's to live with her mothers sister and their family at Coal River.
Uncle Otis runs the mine and she's to help in the house with chores and in the company store with Percy-her cousin. She is quite taken aback to learn of the breaker boys and how they are not being educated and she sees the emptiness in the wives that come into the store, the despair.
She wants to help them escape and get out in the real world. What I like about this book is learning more of the coal mine and the rats and why they are not harmed. Love learning all the new words and what they mean.
Such a strong and brave woman in that time and to do the things she did to make life easier for others without caring about her personal life. Lots of action, surprises and the book is not a predictable one by any means.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review