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The Salt Mines Mystery (Thunder and Lightning Series) (Volume 2) - Aaron M. Zook Jr

The Salt Mines Mystery by Aaron M. Zook Jr.
Interested in mines and found this book interesting as a bunch of kids get together and combine the clues they've received or found.
They are trying to find the missing exploited children who've gone lost in the salt mines in Germany. Love the descriptions of the area and wish I could visit someday.
This appears to be a series book but I've not read the first one and it's easy to follow along without having read the first. The kids fathers all work on secret projects and the kids receive notes and do go on excursions to the castle and salt mines.
Fast paced action as the train they were riding in did not go the same route as others and they meet with enemies that want to harm them-as they will get paid anyways.
Kind of reminds me of the Hardy Boys mysteries as the details are so descriptive and the way they think to get out of the hard places...
And Indiana Jones and God all combined for a team that may prove to be unbeatable.  Their next assignment is included in the form of a riddle.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org) in exchange for my honest review.