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Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher

Coming home  by Rosamunde  Pilcher
Have read some of the author's other works and have enjoyed them.
Book starts out with one life that starts out as a young teen and her world is turned upside down.
1935 and Judith Dunbar and  her friend Heather Warren are attending school where Christmas parties are just ending and they are on their way home.
Judith will not be returning once school starts in the new year.  She will be going to the strict St. Elizabeth where they have uniforms and she will be a boarder. Her mother and toddler sister would return to the Far East as they join her father who's working.
Very long book but worth all the detailed descriptions of not only the surrounding countryside but her feelings along the way. Broken up into her teen years and adult years.
Story also follows people she and the family meet over the years. Love parts about knitting for the troops as I've done that recently myself.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).