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Christmas Chocolat - Kate Defrise

Christmas Chocolat by Kate Defrise
Hadn't requested this book from the publisher but glad they sent it along. Starts out with a family and each of the sisters gets alternating chapters.
The father this year wants to have Christmas at his house. His wife has been gone for some time and he is still going to work and relies on others to do the family obligations each year.
One is an author, Magali who writes cookbooks and this book does have her Belgian recipes. Family dinner has always been at her house and this year she has to not only convince her other 2 sisters but she must track down her brother to come also. The sisters talk over time and some think it's to announce some bad health news while others think he's dating again...
Jacqueline is the one who lives overseas and she has concerts to perform in so there's no way she's gonna make it home. Her father visits her yearly around Thanksgiving. She has her own secret...
Next sister is Colette. She has degrees in French and English and she loves to design clothes. She makes each of her sibling an outfit for Christmas even her brother Arthur-Art.  She will be out of a job by Christmas, her boyfriend left with all her furniture and money, so did the robber.
What I like about the recipes is there are hints and tips and all kinds of substitutions and she tells you that while explaining how to make the dish.
Also like that each of the sisters has a different lifestyle and it's easy to keep track of who is who.  Each fears a different secret to be told by their father at their Christmas meeting...
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review