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The Christmas Note - Trenton Hughes

The Christmas Note by Trenton Hughes
This story starts out with the life of Claire and Ayden.
They get married and start a life in a small town in WA state. Life is simple and they treasure the memories they create with one another and their friends.
Tragedies occur leaving one to find out they also won't be around for long. In a dream visited by their father they are told they have two choices.
Love the hand made knitted item given to them as a gift. It's something I've done myself this past year-just given a home made afghan to a relative who I felt would really treasure it.
On the note with the gift I put 1.we are only here for a short while and 2. treasure the time we have.
This book follows that same advice as they reach out to help others and not even worry about their own needs. Love all they are able to do and how many lives they touch.
Sad but a really good read. Enjoyed Christmas at the park as it's listed as being in WA state but really could be anywhere.