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The Beekeeper's Daughter - Santa Montefiore

The beekeeper's daughter  by Santa Montefiore
Always interesting to learn the career/trade of others that use their hands.
Starts out with Grace and her friend Big talking about how her daughter left to go to Cape Cod to spend the weekend with her friend. They fear it was a boy.
Big told her to forbid her daughter from leaving Tagganasett Island for the rest of the summer she knows she must do it.
Problem is Grace is a beekeeper and her past is catching up to her.  Trixie is in love with Jasper, the guitar player who's from overseas.
Beatrix (Trixie) wants to go into the fashion industry but at 19 she just waits tables on the island.  Her dad, Freddie comes home and has already heard of Trixie behaving like a slut. He works in the cranberry bogs.
Story goes back in time to 1930's when Grace was a teen...
Interesting discussion of the cure of arthritis and garlic will cure a bee sting.
Really enjoyed how their lives are lived and the story is told. So many more interesting names for books the author wrote that I hope to read some day.
Really liked this book because it took me to new places and described them so well and I learned new things.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).